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2022 Spring Campaign

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What growth and harvest your generous giving has produced! Your gifts last fall and at the close of 2021 enabled the Mission’s General Fund to complete the year in the black. Even with investment income tailing off at the end of the year, we were able to pay for almost $160,000 in additional projects through God’s provision. We cannot say thank you enough to our God for how He has enabled you to partner with us! As you were generous, God also expanded our opportunities in churches so that we are now working intentionally with over 60 churches, most in a weekly way. In 2017 the number of churches was under 20.

Now it is springtime, and I am thinking about peach jam, peach cobbler, peach pie, and fresh peaches! I see those little buds on our peach tree, and I have hope that blossoms, leaves, and fruit will come in time. But hope is not enough! I had to prune since fall, and now I need to fertilize so fruit might come. At BCP we just completed some off-season pruning. We met with a coach to help us focus our vision and determine the biblical steps required to enable more and continued fruit. We have refined these steps with our directors and communicated these to our Council who are fully supportive.

This vision requires, like the peach tree, that we help churches train disciples in earnest through the fertilizing and pruning toward eventual fruit-bearing. These churches first multiply this training within their own body and then in sister churches. As they multiply and work together, more churches will be revitalized and planted which is the desired outcome of our vision. We are already seeing all of this move forward, and the fruit is ripening!

You can help this vision expand as you give to this spring campaign. Your gift toward our goal of $15,000 will enable the first full rebuild of our website in ten years. God has connected us to a Christian company who understands our vision to carry out this rebuild. It will improve the way BCP connects to new churches who are seeking help in carrying out the Great Commission. It will help them gain a coach to guide them toward internal reproduction and then multiplying efforts with other churches. Doing the hard work of biblical discipleship is how new missionaries are sent, churches are rescued, and new churches are planted. Walking with a coach along the way provides counsel for the labor of bearing fruit.

Your giving will also help provide ministry resources for outreach training. We have piloted these resources in several locations, including among our staff, and there has been pruning and fertilizing in lives. In the last month we have seen people trained in BCP-connected churches who are now witnessing consistently for the first time in their lives. They pray together, and God opens the opportunities. Several have had the privilege of seeing people believe, and now they are beginning to disciple them. We are very excited to be able to roll out these resources to the rest of the BCP family, especially during our Family Camp this July.

Thank you for your partnership with us. You play a vital role as God leads us forward. Pray that this fruit might multiply and abound. We look forward to God’s generous giving through you as we continue to work and see Him provide more growth and harvest.

Jon Jenks